Eligibility and Selection Criteria

We seek contributions from (1) individuals working within the sciences and humanities, respectively; (2) individuals working across the sciences and humanities; and (3) interdisciplinary teams of scholars and scientists working to find bridging concepts and constructs. Some proposals will emphasize one aspect more than the other, but all proposals should in some way attempt to bridge the space between the humanities and the natural sci­ences on the subject of virtues. In short, projects must in some way address our primary question: In what ways might the humanities and the sciences cooperate to develop more adequate models of virtue for modern societies? The selection criteria by which the Council will evaluate proposals and select the winners would focus on the ability of the proposal to generate ground-breaking results in the study of virtues. To ascertain the likely success of the researcher, they will also be expected to consider the scholar’s record of achievement, training history, and the promise of long-term impact.

Selection Criteria:
• Is the topic relevant to the study of virtues? Does it integrate science or scientific methods into the proposal?
• Is the idea or research novel and creative?
• Is the level of complexity appropriate?
• Does it use rigorous scientific methods?
• In what ways does it build upon the world’s existing research literature?
• What, specifically, are the likely outcomes of the research?
• What are the potential applications of the knowledge gained?
• Is the proposed research feasible given the timeline and budget?
• Does the proposal draw on multiple disciplinary perspectives in order to advance a science of virtues? Does it draw on insights of the humanities and the sciences?
• What is its expected value in terms of interdisciplinary impact?
• Is the researcher capable of carrying out the proposed project?
• Are the PI’s scholarly environment, resources, and career goals conducive to the success of the project?

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