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In order to advance a new interdisciplinary investigation on the topic of the virtues, the University of Chicago implemented a Request for Proposals (RFP) program to address a central question: In what ways might the humanities and the sciences cooperate to develop richer understandings of virtue for modern societies? This three-year initiative was conceived in May, 2007, during a landmark consultation, chaired by Jean Bethke Elshtain of the University of Chicago, and sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation. A New Science of Virtues aims to (1) bridge the gap between the humanities and the sciences in virtues research, (2) reinvigorate virtue as a topic of serious academic inquiry, and (3) develop a science of virtues that may improve public interventions and programs on virtue through credible scholarship and science.

The A New Science of Virtues project welcomed forty scholars (selected from over 700 initial letters of intent) to present potential studies at the A New Science of Virtues Symposium in January 2010. Scholars came from diverse fields, including philosophy, neuroscience, anthropology and economics. Nineteen of the proposed projects were chosen to receive a portion of a three million dollar grant from the John Templeton Foundation over a period of two years.

View the program from the 2010 A New Science of Virtues Symposium here.
View the program from the 2011 A New Science of Virtues Network Meeting here.


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