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This page contains links to blogs and websites pertaining to research on virtue, morality, ethics and relatied topics. Please contact to make an addition to this list.

Stuck With Virtue

Funded by the University of Chicago‚Äôs Science of Virtues Project, the Stuck with Virtue Conference Series defends the commonsensical but not self-evident belief that virtue is a naturally good and desirable feature of human life.  Working from the premise that human beings are by nature stuck with virtue, the conference series broadly seeks to identify the intellectual, educational, and civic framework in which an intellectually serious and humanly satisfying new science of virtue could reasonably hope to unfold and develop.  To this end, it will hold three separate, but related, interdisciplinary conferences in which recognized experts in the fields of biology, genetics, sociology, political science, philosophy, and theology reflect collectively on the nature of human beings, human freedom, human virtue, and human happiness.

Experimental Philosophy

Experimental Philosophy features news and research in philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and many other disciplines. Overall, it aims to answer questions about the way human beings think and feel. Experimental Philosophy encompasses a wide network of bloggers and researchers, including a few of our grantees.

The Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions

Indiana University has received a grant from the University of Chicago (sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation) to study "Virtuous Empathy: Scientific and Humanistic Investigations" from fall 2010 to spring 2012. Richard B. Miller, Poynter Center director, is the PI for the project. Additional support is coming from the IU Institute for Advanced Study, directed by John Bodnar, the IU Office for the Vice Provost for Research, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Big Think

A forum where top experts explore the big ideas and core skills defining the 21st century.

Center for Character & Social Responsibility- Boston University

The mission of the Center for Character and Social Responsibility is to support the professional development of individuals and institutions which seek to expand their awareness, knowledge, and skills in the areas of character development and social responsibility consistent with principles of healthy personal development.

Max Planck Institutes

The currently 80 Max Planck Institutes conduct basic research in the service of the general public in the natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. Max Planck Institutes focus on research fields that are particularly innovative, or that are especially demanding in terms of funding or time requirements. And their research spectrum is continually evolving: new institutes are established to find answers to seminal, forward-looking scientific questions, while others are closed when, for example, their research field has been widely established at universities. This continuous renewal preserves the scope the Max Planck Society needs to react quickly to pioneering scientific developments.

Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society- Vanderbilt University

Provides multidisciplinary leadership addressing the ethical, legal, and social dimensions of medicine, health care, and health policy.


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