Why Holy Men Make Lousy Popes

By David Berreby from BigThink. 

"Nick Kristof has an idea for fixing the Catholic Church: Turn it "upside down"! Take power away from the "old boys' club" at the Vatican, where a dark cloud hovers because of the way the old boys handle sexually abusive priests. Give the scepter instead to the other Catholic Church, "the grass-roots network of humble priests, nuns and laity in places like Sudan." For instance, selfless Father Michael Barton, who bravely runs four schools there, "would make a great pope," Kristof writes. Trouble is, this sort of thing has been tried already, and failed. Simple, humble people make lousy popes, because the two Catholic Churches—scheming networkers and saintly workers—are not in opposition. They're in symbiosis, and neither can survive without the other."

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