Choosing the Good: An Interactive Museum Experience

By Luci Scott, AZ Central News

Imagine you're riding in a car with a friend who is speeding and the car hits a pedestrian. You're the only witness, and the friend's lawyer asks you to testify that your friend was not at fault. Do you help your friend or tell the truth?

This is one of many dilemmas visitors are asked to decide in a new interactive exhibit at the Arizona State University Museum of Anthropology.

The free exhibit, "Choosing the Good," is based on research led by Daniel Hruschka, assistant professor in anthropology at ASU.

"Normally when we think of tough choices, we might imagine ... an angel on one shoulder as a good choice and a devil on the other shoulder as the bad choice," Hruschka said.

"But many decisions we make in everyday life involve two angels, two goods, two ways of being nice."

The exhibit poses many choices between two good but difficult choices.

Visitors can compare their decisions with those of previous museum visitors and of people at eight research sites in six countries: the United States, Bangladesh, Fiji, Bolivia, China and Iceland.

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Posted:  by agomberg
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