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  • Virtue Theory as a Dynamic Theory of Business (2000)

    Abstract: This paper develops a meta-theory of business based on virtue theory which links the concept of virtues, the common good, and the dynamic economy into a unifying and comprehensive theory of business. Traditional theories and models of business have outlived their usefulness as they are unable...
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  • Morality De-Kanted or the Biological Roots of Moral Behavior (2000)

    Abstract: The ethical and moral behavior of Homo sapiens is no longer the exclusive domain of religion and philosophy because we recognize that such behavior affects the reproductive success of individuals within the species. We are a social species and therefore our survival is influenced by our capacity...
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  • An inquiry into moral virtues, especially compassion, in psychiatric nurses: findings from a Delphi study (2000)

    Abstract: A three-round Delphi study was conducted to gather data on ethical reasoning among psychiatric nurses (N = 26 in round one (R1), decreasing to N = 14 in the final round (R3)). Transcripts of questionnaires were carefully read and compared. Responses were manually sorted into categories, themes...
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  • Virtues of the Mind: An Inquiry Into the Nature of Virtue and the Ethical Foundations of Knowledge (1996)

    "Almost all theories of knowledge and justified belief employ moral concepts and forms of argument borrowed from moral theories, but none of them pay attention to the current renaissance in virtue ethics. This remarkable book is the first attempt to establish a theory of knowledge based on the model...
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  • The virtues in medical practice (1993)

    In recent years, virtue theories have enjoyed a renaissance of interest among general and medical ethicists. This book offers a virtue-based ethic for medicine, the health professions, and health care. Beginning with a historical account of the concept of virtue, the authors construct a theory of the...
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  • After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory (1982)

    After Virtue is an extended philosophical argument, informed by linguistic, historical, and sociological analyses, that seeks to explain the continuing irresolution of modern moral disputes; to critique the modern bureaucratic state and the claims of management science; and to provide an alternative...
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