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  • The Science of Good and Evil

    By Sam Harris from The Daily Beast. " As I argue in my new book, The Moral Landscape , questions about values—about meaning, morality, and life’s larger purpose—are really questions about the well-being of conscious creatures. Throughout the book I make reference to a hypothetical space that I call...
     Posted by: agomberg
  • Wanted: Leaders Who Tell the Truth?

    By Terry Newell from Huffington Post "On March 4, 1865, with the Civil War finally approaching a victorious conclusion, Abraham Lincoln delivered his Second Inaugural Address. Rather than satisfy the audience's thirst for celebration and revenge, Lincoln gave a sermon on the meaning of the war...
     Posted by: ajstasic
  • Julian Baggini: There Is No One Either Good or Bad, But Circumstances Make Them So

    By Julian Baggini from The Independent "As soon as the identity of the Cumbria killer became known, people immediately started to ask what kind of man Derrick Bird was. And there were always going to be only two possible answers. Almost every perpetrator of an atrocity is assigned the role of either...
     Posted by: cait
  • Mein Data, Did Any Useful Science Come Out of the Nazi Concentration Camps?

    By Brian Palmer from Slate "Leaving aside the question of medical ethics, did any useful science ever come out of Nazi experiments on unwilling subjects? Very little. Concentration camp doctors conducted research on vaccines, antibiotics, fertility, transplantation, and eugenics. The majority of...
     Posted by: cait
  • If Neuroimaging Can Reliably Discern Truth From Falsehood, Should Brain Scans Be Admissible Evidence in Court Cases?

    By Moheb Costandi from Seed "Brooklyn defense attorney David Zevin almost made legal history last month by attempting to submit functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data as evidence that a key witness was telling the truth. Zevin was defending Cynette Wilson, who claimed that the temping...
     Posted by: cait
  • Medical Ethics Lapses Cited in Interrogations

    By James Risen from The New York Times "Medical professionals who were involved in the Central Intelligence Agency's interrogations of terrorism suspects engaged in forms of human research and experimentation in violation of medical ethics and domestic and international law, according to a new...
     Posted by: cait
  • And Man Made Life: Artificial Life, the Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares, Has Arrived

    From The Economist To create life is the prerogative of gods. Deep in the human psyche, whatever the rational pleadings of physics and chemistry, there exists a sense that biology is different, is more than just the sum of atoms moving about and reacting with one another, is somehow infused with a divine...
     Posted by: cait
  • Brain Scans May Be Useful Lie Detectors, Say Experts

    By Michelle Roberts from BBC News. "Brain scans could be useful as lie detectors to show if a witness lies when identifying a suspect in a crime investigation, US researchers believe. Scientists at Stanford University were able to tell when a person recognised a mug shot by reading their brain waves...
     Posted by: cait
  • Has a U.S. Pediatrics Group Condoned Genital Cutting?

    By Belinda Luscombe from Time. "In the age of hyperengaged parenting, globalization and the Internet, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has become a freighted organization. Every position statement released by the group — whether about ***-feeding, autism or obesity — sends waves of fury...
     Posted by: cait
  • Why Holy Men Make Lousy Popes

    By David Berreby from BigThink. "Nick Kristof has an idea for fixing the Catholic Church: Turn it "upside down"! Take power away from the "old boys' club" at the Vatican, where a dark cloud hovers because of the way the old boys handle sexually abusive priests. Give the scepter...
     Posted by: cait
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