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  • Science, Ethics And Choices

    By Marcelo Gleiser from NPR . "Is ethics part of this core-self? I dare speculate that, yes, some people have higher ethical standards than others. They will carry such standards wherever they go, whatever they do. Can such standards be tempered by events in life, education, relationships etc.?...
     Posted by: cait
  • Obama Picks Pragmatists for New Bioethics Panel

    by Constance Holden from Science "President Barack Obama named the members of his bioethics commission—headed by two university presidents—last week. The 12-member group, selected more for practical advice than for philosophizing, as the last one was prone to, will hold its first meeting in Washington...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • The Cost of Scientific Misconduct

    by Dave Munger from SEED Scientists are facing increasing temptations to publish questionable results. Ethicists are exploring the roots of misconduct, and researchers wonder what can be done about the problem. "In 1998 a team of researchers led by Andrew Wakefield published a now-infamous article...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • Review - Ethics, The Basics

    By Michael Hannon Ethics: The Basics centers around four problems: the origin of ethics (Where do ethical standards come from?), the problem of relativism (Are there universal standards by which to judge others?), the question of human nature (What about our nature makes us ethical/unethical?), and what...
     Posted by: cait
  • Ought Implies Can, Ethical Pronouncements without Economics Lead to Diastrous Public Policies

    By Steven Horwitz "One of the most common objections to free markets is that they ignore ethical considerations. In particular, critics argue that there are many things we “ought” to do that they believe will make people’s lives better off. We ought to “redistribute” income to the poor, they say...
     Posted by: cait
  • Ethics Classes Won't Save Us From Ourselves

    By David Johnson from Psychology Today. "Every wave of public scandal seems to bring in its wake calls for more ethics classes at out top schools. As a former philosophy professor who has taught “Moral Philosophy 101” to undergraduates, I’m actually rather dismissive about the whole idea. I don...
     Posted by: cait
  • Should Google Take Ethics Lessons from the Media?

    By Marcedes Bunz from Gaurdian. "At the same time, Google is a company with 10 core principles that officially guide its actions. Some of them aren't as strong but definitely related to the code of journalistic ethics - to seek the truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and be...
     Posted by: cait
  • Why Hungary is Wrong to Criminalize Holocaust Denial

    By Adam LeBor from Dissent Magazine. "The consensus among many politicians seems to be that Hungary is too immature a democracy to allow Holocaust denial. Yet Hungary, much more than its neighbors, has made progress in the memorialization of the Holocaust and Budapest boasts an excellent Holocaust...
     Posted by: cait
  • When American and European Ideas of Privacy Collide

    By Adam Liptak from The NewYork Times. "'Americans to this day don’t fully appreciate how Europeans regard privacy,' said Jane Kirtley, who teaches media ethics and law at the University of Minnesota . 'The reality is that they consider privacy a fundamental human right.' Google...
     Posted by: cait
  • Review - Weakness of Will from Plato to the Present

    By Christian Perring from Metapsychology. This excellent collection is an essential work in history of ethics and moral psychology. Editor Tobias Hoffman has brought together leading scholars in their fields to discuss weakness of will in Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Augustine, Henry of Ghent, Dante,...
     Posted by: cait
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  • The Calculus of Selfishness (2010)

    By Karl Sigmund "How does cooperation emerge among selfish individuals? When do people share resources, punish those they consider unfair, and engage in joint enterprises? These questions fascinate philosophers, biologists, and economists alike, for the "invisible hand" that should turn...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: ajstasic
  • Should Human Beings Have Sex? Sexual Dimorphism and Human Enhancement (2010)

    By Robert Sparrow "Since the first sex reassignment operations were performed, individual sex has come to be, to some extent at least, a technological artifact. The existence of sperm sorting technology, and of prenatal determination of fetal sex via ultrasound along with the option of termination...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: ajstasic
  • Virtue Ethics and the Search for an Account of Right Action (2010)

    By Frans Svensson "Conceived of as a contender to other theories in substantive ethics, virtue ethics is often associated with, in essence, the following account or criterion of right action: VR: An action A is right for S in circumstances C if and only if a fully virtuous agent would characteristically...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: ajstasic
  • Virtue and Disagreemen (2010)

    By Bridget Clarke "One of the most prominent strands in contemporary work on the virtues consists in the attempt to develop a distinctive—and compelling—account of practical reason on the basis of Aristotle’s ethics. In response to this project, several eminent critics have argued that the Aristotelian...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: ajstasic
  • Moral Motivation Pluralism (2010)

    By Ragnar Francén "Motivational externalists and internalists of various sorts disagree about the circumstances under which it is conceptually possible to have moral opinions but lack moral motivation. Typically, the evidence referred to are intuitions about whether people in certain scenarios who...
    (My publication) Posted by: ajstasic
  • Moral Ideals and Virtue Ethics (2010)

    By Gregory F. Mellema "There have traditionally been two schools of thought regarding moral ideals and their relationship with moral duty. First, many have held that moral agents at all times have a duty or obligation to realize or attain moral ideals, or at least they have a duty to strive to realize...
    (My publication) Posted by: ajstasic
  • Tradition and Truth: The Ethics of Lawmaking in Tannaitic Literature (2010)

    By Tzvi Novick This article examines aspects of "scholastic" ethics in tannaitic literature, in particular, the notion that one who is engaged in legal discussion should readily admit ignorance, and should concede to the truth. While centering on mAvot 5.7, the article traces developments in...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: cait
  • The Anthropocentric Paradigm and the Posibility of Animal Ethics (2010)

    By Elisa Aaltola Animal ethics has tended to follow an analytical approach and has focused much attention on moral reason and theory. Recently, some have argued this to be a fundamental problem. The 'paradigmatic account' claims that instead of reason and theory, ethics ought to emphasize common...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: cait
  • Interspecies Etiquette: An Ethics of Paying Attention to Animals (2010)

    By Traci Warkentin This paper explores a philosophical praxis of paying attention, and the importance of bodily comportment, in human-animal interactions. It traces some of the beginnings of the notion of attentiveness as it has arisen in contemporary Western environmental and animal ethics, and its...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: cait
  • History, Philosophy, and Ethics of Biology (2010)

    By Stephen G. Post Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–1895) delivered his most famous lecture, Evolution and Ethics , in 1893 at Oxford University. It remains one of the most penetrating and original statements on Darwinian thought in relation to the moral life that has ever been written. Specifically, Huxley...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: cait
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