A Response

Elshtain, J. B. (2007). A Response. International Relations, 21 (4), 502-9.

Abstract: In this article Professor Elshtain responds to the critiques offered by the symposium and, five years on from 11 September 2001 and three years on from the initial publication of Just War Against Terror, revisits her analysis of the moral issues facing America and the world in the context of the war on terror. She offers a stout defense of her original claim that the war on terror has presented America with many tough decisions to make, decisions regarding emergency ethics and the best way to carry on the struggle against global terrorism. Along the way, she expands upon her understanding of tragedy, her debt to Augustinian just war thought, and her conviction that America must assume some responsibility for the management of international peace and security.

Source: International Relations

(My publication)Posted: Thursday, January 22, 2009 by jelshtain
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