Peace Education: Exploring Ethical and Philosophical Foundations

Charlotte: Information Age Publishing, 2008

A new book on peace education looks specifically at virtue ethics as a possible philosophical basis for peace education.  The book Peace Education: Exploring Ethical and Philosophical Foundations is by Dr James Page, of Southern Cross University, and is published by Information Age Publishing. The book commences with the starting point that peace education remains substantially without a developed rationale and philosophical foundation, and examines virtue ethics, consequentialist ethics, conservative political ethics, aesthetic ethics and ethics of care as possible foundations for peace education.
The Director-General of UNESCO, Mr Koichiro Matsuura, writes in the Foreword that the book "provides a timely exposition of what might be argued to be a philosophy of peace education.  It provides an overview of different philosophical approaches, and from diverse cultural perspectives, of peace education throughout the world.  As such it offers an important addition to the emerging literature on peace education and the cultue of peace, as well as an important commentary on the peace mission of UNESCO".
ISBN 978-1-59311-889-1
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