Corporate Governance and Ethics: An Aristotelian Perspective

Edward Elgar Pub, 2008

"Corporate Governance and Ethics is an illuminating and practical reading of Aristotle's Politics for today's corporate directors. With a deft synthesis of ethics, economics and politics, Alejo Sison elevates the discussion of corporate governance out of the realm of abstract rules and structures into a more effective form of Aristotelian politics. He argues that corporate governance is a human practice where subjective, ethical conditions outweigh the mastery of techniques, since the firm is not a mere production function but, above all, a community of workers. Corporate governance issues are discussed in a holistic fashion, using international case studies to embed the discussion in environments defined by their economic, legal and cultural systems. One of the author's key messages is that reform starts with the ethical and political education of directors..."

by Alejo José G. Sison, Rafael Escolá Chair of Professional Ethics, School of Engineering and Academic Director, Institute for Enterprise and Humanism, University of Navarra, Spain

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