Personality, Identity, and Character, Explorations in Moral Psychology

Cambridge University Press

Edited by Darcia Narvaez

"Moral notions are foundational questions that have commanded deep reflection since antiquity, reflection that psychological science cannot evade, because the moral formation of children is a central concern of parents, schools, and communities charged with educating the next generation. In this respect there are few domains of study more crucial than moral psychology, and few topics of greater importance than the development of moral self-identity, of moral character, and of the moral personality. Heretofore, the fragmented research on moral personality has been mostly a study of cognition without desires, rationality without brains, agents without contexts, selves without culture, traits without persons, persons without attachments, dispositions without development. This edited volume features the expertise of preeminent scholars in moral personality, self, and identity, such as moral philosophers, personality theorists, developmental psychologists, moral personality researchers, social psychologists, and neuroscientists. It brings together cutting-edge work in moral psychology that illustrates an impressive diversity of theoretical perspectives and methodologies, and simultaneously points the way toward promising integrative possibilities."

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