The Effect of Leadership on Follower Moral Identity: Does Transformational/Transactional Style Make a Difference?

Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, Vol. 18, issue 2

 By Weichun Zhu, Ronald E. Riggio, Bruce J. Avolio & John J. Sosik

The goal of this article is to study the effects of transformational versus transactional leadership behavior on how followers report their level of moral identity. Using field survey data (n = 672) and experimental data (n = 225), the authors found that transformational leadership and transactional leadership (including contingent reward and active management-by-exception) have a positive effect on priming follower moral identity. In addition, results also revealed that transformational leadership behavior has a larger positive effect on follower moral identity than transactional leadership. Furthermore, this study established the preliminary construct validity of a scale of moral identity. The theoretical implications, practical implications, and future research recommendations of these results are discussed. 

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