From Internalist Evidentialism to Virtue Responsibilism

• “From Internalist Evidentialism to Virtue Responsibilism: Reasonable Disagreement and the Ethics of Belief,” in Evidentialism and its Discontents, Trent Dougherty (ed.)., 2011. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 71-87.

Abstract.  This paper defends the epistemological importance of ‘diachronic’ or cross-temporal evaluation of epistemic agents against an interesting dilemma posed for this view in Trent Dougherty’s recent paper ‘Reducing Responsibility’. Key issues in the debate between evidentialists and responsibilists that the paper treats include the nature of epistemic normativity, the functions of synchronic and longitudinal evaluations, and the relationship between our ‘reductionist’ aspirations and theoretical unification.

(My publication)Posted: Thursday, November 17, 2011 by gsaxtell
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