“Virtue-Theoretic Responses to Skepticism”

in Oxford Handbook on Skepticism, John Greco (ed.). OUP, 2008: 557-580.

This chapter focuses on the responses that proponents of virtue epistemology make to radical skepticism and particularly to two related forms of it, Pyrrhonian skepticism and the “underdetermination-based” argument, both of which have been receiving widening attention in recent debate. Section 1 briefly articulates these two skeptical arguments and their interrelationship, while section 2 explains the close connection between a virtue-theoretic and a neo-Moorean response to them. I argue that combining virtue epistemology and a "default and challenge" model as advocated by Michael Williams  makes for stronger response to skepticism than either approach taken separately.

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(My publication)Posted: Thursday, November 17, 2011 by gsaxtell
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