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  • How Do Morals Translate Offline to Online?

    "There's a disparity in the ways kids think about morality or virtue in the virtual world and the real world. There's something else that goes on," Psychology professor Linda Jackson writes..." By Andrew Lavallee from The Wall Street Journal Read the full article Photo by reway2007...
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  • Clean and Virtuous: When Physical Purity Becomes Moral Purity

    How "embodied" metaphors, rooted in our physical understanding of abstract concepts, shape our view of the world. "When people are asked to list their favorite metaphor , they typically cite great works of poetry, literature or oratory. Indeed, many metaphors are born from creative insight...
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  • American Public Media's "Repossessing Virtue" Project

    "Repossessing Virtue is part of our ongoing series exploring the moral, spiritual, and practical aspects of the economic downturn. We've been contacting familiar voices of wisdom and insight, and asking them a series of questions about the current economic climate." -American Public Media...
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  • Audio from the recent conference "Making Men Moral"

    Jean-Bethke Elshtain, PI of the "Science of Virtues" project spoke at the "Making Men Moral" conference at Union University recently, which was related to and in honor of Robert P. George's book, Making Men Moral: Civil Liberties and Public Morality. Here we provide a link to...
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  • Moral Exceptionalism

    In America: The National Catholic Weekly by John F. Kavanaugh " W here is Kant when we need him? In a culture that seems to have a watered-down version of John Stuart Mill’s utilitarianism as its default position, personal liberty and happiness are the moral mantras..." Read the article
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  • Clark Power emphasizes virtue in education

    The Daily Vidette at Illinois State University reported on an interesting lecture relating to virtue and education. "Clark Power, associate director of the Center for Ethical Education in the Institute for Educational Initiatives and professor of Liberal Studies at the University of Notre Dame,...
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  • Conference: Making Men Moral

    In February, Union University in Jackson, TN will host a conference called "Making Men Moral: The Public Square and the Role of Moral Judgment." The dates of the conference are February 25-27, 2009. Speakers at the conference will be professors known for their work in ethics and morality, including...
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  • Steven Pinker writes on "The Moral Instinct" in NYT

    Jan 13, 2008 by Steven Pinker "Which of the following people would you say is the most admirable: Mother Teresa, Bill Gates or Norman Borlaug? And which do you think is the least admirable? For most people, it's an easy question. Mother Teresa, famous for ministering to the poor in Calcutta...
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  • Moral thinking: Biology invades a field philosophers thought was safely theirs

    Considering morality from viewpoints other than philosophy is becoming more and more common. This article from The Economist describes a panel discussion focusing on what biology has to offer in the debate about morality. Source: The Economist "Whence morality? That is a question which has troubled...
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  • Belief in God Essential for Moral Virtue?

    This Washington Post editorial uses information from various fields to argue that moral virtue does not have its origins in religion. Source: The Washington Post A growing sector of world civilization is secular; that is, it emphasizes worldly rather than religious values. This is especially true of...
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  • The Smell of Virtue, Clean Scents Promote Reciprocity and Charity (2010)

    By Katie Liljenquist, Chen-Bo Zhong and Adam D. Galinsky. Given the symbolic association between physical and moral purity, we considered a provocative possibility: In addition to regulating physical cleanliness, clean smells might also motivate virtuous behavior. Indeed, moral transgressions can engender...
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    By Yong Huang Focusing on the Analects and the Mencius, this article attempts to provide a Confucian answer to "why be moral?"—a question about the motivation to be moral that is neither tautological nor self-contradictory, as some philosophers claim. The Confucian answer to this question is...
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    James R. Otteson Adam Smith raised a series of obstacles to effective large-scale social planning. In this paper, I draw these Smithian obstacles together to construct what I call the “Great Mind Fallacy,” or the belief that there exists some person or persons who can overcome the obstacles Smith raises...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: nick stock
  • Blaming the Parts Instead of the Person: Understanding and Applying Neurobiological Factors Associated with Psychopathy (2010)

    By Lauren F. Freedman and Simon N. Verdun-Jones. This article examines the implications of the body of research that asserts that psychopaths have neurobiological irregularities that are manifested by learning and fear-processing deficits as well as neurotransmitter abnormalities. While this research...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: cait
  • Duties and Virtues (2010)

    By Onora O'Neill Duty and virtue are no longer the common coin of daily conversation. Both terms strike many of us as old-fashioned and heavy handed. Yet we incessantly talk about what ought and ought not to be done, and about the sorts of persons we admire or despise. As soon as we talk in these...
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  • Sex, sexuality and negotiating Africanness in Nairobi (2009)

    By Rachel Spronk This article presents two themes: how young professionals personally experience sexuality and issues of cultural belonging or identification; and how these issues are interrelated in their lives. I identify ways in which ‘young professionals’ as a social group are in the vanguard in...
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  • Darfur: Strategic Victimhood Strikes Again? (2009)

    By Alan J. Kuperman Although most humanitarians advocate more international intervention in Darfur, some analysts urge the opposite on grounds that intervention has backfired due to the problem of moral hazard. These contrarians argue that the expectation of benefiting from intervention is what emboldens...
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  • The Social Dynamics and Durability of Moral Boundaries (2009)

    Keith R. Brown Moral boundaries are often conceptualized as an expression of an individual's identity or belief system. However, social forces greatly influence how and when consumers activate moral boundaries. Utilizing a dramaturgical perspective, this article shows that the activation of moral...
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  • The Ontology of Action: Arendt and the Role of Narrative (2009)

    Leslie Paul Thiele Hannah Arendt is best known for her trenchant analysis and original evaluation of political life. The sine qua non of politics is human action, which she celebrates above all other human capacities. Arendt equates action with freedom. Action in concert is identified as power. As the...
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  • Culture and Embodied Cognition: Moral Discourses in Internet Support Groups for Overeaters (2009)

    By Gabriel Ignatow. This article argues that a modified version of Bourdieu's habitus concept can generate insights into moral culture and the ways people use culture to make changes in their lives. If revised in light of recent findings from cognitive neuroscience, the habitus allows for the analysis...
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