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  • Why is Cheating Wrong? (2009)

    By Mathieu Bouville "Since cheating is obviously wrong, arguments against it (it provides an unfair advantage, it hinders learning) need only be mentioned in passing. But the argument of unfair advantage absurdly takes education to be essentially a race of all against all; moreover, it ignores that...
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  • Understanding What’s Good for Us (2009)

    By Michael J. Zimmerman "The ancient question of what a good life consists in is currently the focus of intense debate. There are two aspects to this debate: the first concerns how the concept of a good life is to be understood; the second concerns what kinds of life fall within the extension of...
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  • What Good Is Commitment? (2009)

    By Cheshire Calhoun "That human beings make commitments of various sorts might seem so obviously a good thing that the question “What good is commitment?” might be thought to ask merely after the kind or kinds of good that commitment affords. To that question, one might respond that commitment is...
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  • Human Capital, Education and the Promotion of Social Cooperation: A Philosophical Critique (2009)

    By Tal Gilead "Although since the 1960s human capital theory has played a major role in guiding educational policy, philosophical issues that stem from this development have rarely been discussed. In this article, I critically examine how the idea that human capital should serve as a guide to educational...
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  • Adam Smith and the Character of Virtue (2009)

    by Defining Wisdom Project grantee Dr. Ryan Hanley "Recent years have witnessed a renewed debate over the costs at which the benefits of free markets have been bought. This book revisits the moral and political philosophy of Adam Smith, capitalism's founding father, to recover his understanding...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: wattawa
  • While Europe Slept (2009)

    Abstract: The article presents a reflection on the consequences of European intellectual society abandoning its religious ideological history. It is asserted that the Europe of the 21st-century refuses to acknowledge its religious roots and that as a result its lack of ideological foundation could lead...
    (My publication) Posted by: jelshtain
  • Demandingness as a Virtue (2009)

    Abstract: Philosophers who complain about the ‘demandingness’ of morality forget that a morality can make too few demands as well as too many. What we ought be seeking is an appropriately demanding morality. This article recommends a ‘moral satisficing’ approach to determining when a morality is ‘demanding...
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  • An Integrated View of Empathy: Psychology, Philosophy, and Neuroscience (2009)

    Abstract: In this paper, we will examine and untangle a conflict mainly between a developmental psychologist, Martin Hoffman and a social psychologist, Daniel Batson. According to Hoffman, empathic distress, a vicarious feeling through empathy, is transformed into an altruistic motivation. Batson and...
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  • Free Will, Temptation, and Self-Control: We Must Believe in Free Will, We Have No Choice (Isaac B. Singer) (2009)

    Proposes that consumer psychology as an empirical social science cannot resolve the question of free will but can and should examine the antecedents and consequences of consumers' belief in free will.
    (My publication) Posted by: wertenbroch
  • Virtue, Reason, and the False Public Voice: Catharine Macaulay's Philosophy of Moral Education (2009)

    Abstract: Catharine Macaulay, an 18 th century English historian, published her educational philosophy in Letters on Education with Observations on Religious and Metaphysical Subjects in 1790. The ultimate goal of her educational process, to 'bring the human mind to such a height of perfection as...
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