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  • Conference: Making Men Moral

    In February, Union University in Jackson, TN will host a conference called "Making Men Moral: The Public Square and the Role of Moral Judgment." The dates of the conference are February 25-27, 2009. Speakers at the conference will be professors known for their work in ethics and morality, including...
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  • Belief in God Essential for Moral Virtue?

    This Washington Post editorial uses information from various fields to argue that moral virtue does not have its origins in religion. Source: The Washington Post A growing sector of world civilization is secular; that is, it emphasizes worldly rather than religious values. This is especially true of...
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  • Scholars will use two-fold definition of science to better understand human virtue

    Source: The University of Chicago Chronicle Using a $4.2 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation, University scholars are seeking intellectual contributions from scientists and humanists for an interdisciplinary project on virtue. Project leader Jean Bethke Elshtain, the Laura Spelman Rockefeller...
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  • Aquinas on Compassion: Has He Something to Offer Today? (2010)

    By Thomas Ryan 'Compassion’—an engaging yet troublesome word? Recent studies on Thomas Aquinas prompt a reconsideration of the place of compassion as an emotion and a virtue in his treatment of the Christian moral life. Through an analysis of relevant texts in Thomas and in relation to contemporary...
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  • Rights, Happiness and God: A Response to Justice: Rights and Wrongs (2010)

    By Roger Crisp This paper is a discussion of some themes from Justice: Rights and Wrongs , by Nicholas Wolterstorff. The paper begins with a discussion of Wolterstorff’s distinction between justice as inherent rights and justice as inherent worth. It is suggested that what especially distinguishes Wolterstorff...
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  • Pity, Empathy, and the Tragic Spectacle of Human Suffering: Exploring the Emotional Culture of Compassion in Late Ancient Christianity (2010)

    By Paul M. Blowers While abundant recent studies have illuminated the social and cultural realities underlying Christian responses to poverty in late antiquity, the present essay investigates the unique challenges to Christian preachers in cultivating a moral psychology of compassion. Drawing on the...
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  • A Saint of One's Own: Emmanuel Levinas, Eliezer ben Hyrcanus, and Eulalia of Mérida (2010)

    By Virginia Burrus Shame and sanctity are intimately related in ancient "lives" of Jewish sages and Christian ascetics. Infinitely other , saints (from Eliezer to Eulalia) are also infinitely seductive in the audacity of their willful abjection. Drawing desire beyond law, hagiography evokes...
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  • Moral Apes, Human Uniqueness, and the Image of God (2009)

    By Oliver Putz Recent advances in evolutionary biology and ethology suggest that humans are not the only species capable of empathy and possibly morality, suggesting that the concept of the imago Dei could be extended to accommodate moral species other than our own. Read the article . Image from Flickr...
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  • "Your Cell will Teach You Everything" Old Wisdom, Modern Science, and the Art of Attention (2009)

    By Noreen Herzfed Sit in your cell and your cell will teach you everything. Few of us live the monastic life. We spend our days in a world of work filled with technologies that vie for our attention. And we return at the end of those days, not to a cell, but to an equally busy home and family. Yet the...
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  • The Making and Unmaking of Prejudice, An Interchange between Psychology and Religion (2009)

    By Wioleta Polinska Whether compassion for all beings in Buddhism, or “love of enemy” in Christianity, unconditional love signifies one of the principal concerns of all world religions. The profound wisdom of various religious traditions has inspired many to embrace the ideal of universal compassion...
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  • While Europe Slept (2009)

    Abstract: The article presents a reflection on the consequences of European intellectual society abandoning its religious ideological history. It is asserted that the Europe of the 21st-century refuses to acknowledge its religious roots and that as a result its lack of ideological foundation could lead...
    (My publication) Posted by: jelshtain
  • Sovereignty, God, State and Self (2007)

    One of America's foremost political theorists explores the connections between our political and ethical convictions, changing forever the way we understand the notion of "sovereignty." Throughout the history of human intellectual endeavor, one concept has cut across arenas as diverse as...
    (My publication) Posted by: jelshtain
  • Religion and Group Rights: Are Churches (Just) Like the Boy Scouts? (2007)

    Abstract: What role do religious communities, groups, and associations play – and, what role should they play – in our thinking and conversations about religious freedom and church-state relations? These and related questions – that is, questions about the rights and responsibilities of religious institutions...
    (My publication) Posted by: rgarnett
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