Saturday, September 22, 2018
Welcome to the Science of Virtues Research Network
The Arete Initiative at the University of Chicago began a $3 million research program on A New Science of Virtues in 2010. This multidisciplinary research initiative sought contributions from individuals and teams of investigators working within the humanities and the sciences. This project supports original, scholarly projects that contribute to Virtues research and have the potential to begin a new field of interdisciplinary study. This website serves as a hub for Virtues research, and provides updates on the ongoing research program.

Unraveling Virtues
“The rigorous scientific method can be applied to the study of virtues, embracing both empirical and theoretical approaches,” explained Jean Bethke Elshtain, at the third meeting of the interdisciplinary New Science of Virtues project.
Review of Stan van Hooft, Hope
Science of Virtues scholar Nancy Snow's review of a recent scholarly work on the nature of hope.
This is Your Brain on No Self Control
In a new study, researchers use fMRI technology to watch the brain in action during self control tasks.
Time for Love: The Place of Marriage and Children in the Thought of Stanley Hauerwas
Gilbert Meilaender, Science of Virtues scholar, discusses Stanley Hauerwas' perspective on God in the Christian church and influence on family bonds.
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