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The Alters Clinic

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Medical Director

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Founder and author of Wizard's Way publications. This project is dedicated to inspiring,
health care professionals,
child care givers by setting up a virtual community that can treat mental illness through creative and inspiring tools. There is a lot of information on this multimodal multidisciplinary project that plays like a game for hospitals,
social agencies,
therapists and families. The Alters Clinic is dedicated to accurate diagnosis and treatment. This is critical in the proper management of patients. We preserve and protect brain function. Our comprehensive evaluations result in successful educational plans for children and adults. Our evaluations also provide adults with accurate information to prevent wrongful termination. This multifaceted scientific and humanistic approach allows individuals to obtain appropriate accommodations. I am a court appointed Medical Examiner for Juvenile Justice Cases for the San Diego Term Team: Senior Psychiatric consultant for many agencies and facilities and an Independent Medical Examiner for the Dept. of Justice. I am a Board Certified in both Child and Adult Psychaitry and am a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Society.

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