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For the last sixteen years I have been an entrepreneur and trader in the financial markets with my own small firm, Logistic Research & Trading Co. Previous to that I was a portfolio manager and head of government trading at the investment management subsidiary of Harris Bank of Chicago for seven years, and prior to that I worked for the American National Bank for five years. I have spent all together twenty-eight years in the financial industry.

During that time I hae maintained my connection with academia. I taught for two years in the Financial Markets and Trading Program at Illinois Institute of Technology and I have lectured in the Program in Mathematical Finance at the U of Chicago (Department of Mathematics). The demands of business life prevented me from publishing academically during that time, but in recent years I have returned to my speculative interests, and from them have published five books in the fields of economics, statistics, law, and philosophy.

In the last few years I have also been involved in a group calling itself the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, which has been both interesting and intrinsicly rewarding.

From 1969 to 1982 I was a professor, including six years in the Department of Economics at Illinois Institute of Technology. Those years were very fruitful ones because in addition to completing my degree in economics at the U of Chicago, I worked with a research group studying energy and resource economics, and I published in both economics and mathematics. In the last eighteen months I have returned to the research program in math that I initiated in the 1970s, with the result that I have only recently completed the entire program I had laid out back then.

Recent Publications
Experiments in Quantitative Finance
Bloomington, In; Xlibris Press
Dysfunctions of the Welfare State
Transaction Publishing: Rutgers, the State University
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Logistic Research & Trading Co.

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Ph.D. (Chicago), Ph.D. (Northwestern)

Research Interests

Philosophy of Man,
including the insight provided by social science research,
Economics affairs. (I hold a doctorate in economics from the Booth Gard School of Business) Various topics in mathematics (I hold a doctorate in math from Northwestern U.)

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