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Recent Publications
Virtue Ethics without Right Action
The Journal of Value Inquiry This paper argues that Anscombe and Foot were correctly skeptical of the concept of moral rightness. Two senses of morally right action are distinguished, a strong notion that has deontic implications and a weaker notion that does not. It is argued that...
What is Natural about Foot's Ethical Naturalism
Ratio Philippa Foot's Natural Goodness is in the midst of a cool reception. It appears that this is due to the fact that Foot's naturalism draws on a picture of the biological world at odds with the view embraced by most scientists and philosophers...
Human Nature, Personhood, and Ethical Naturalism
Philosophy, 84 John McDowell has argued that for human needs to matter in practical deliberation, we must have already acquired the full range of character traits that are imparted by an ethical upbringing. Since our upbringings can diverge considerably, his argument...
Moral Status in Virtue Ethics
Philosophy My contention is that virtue ethics offers an important critique of traditional philosophical conceptions of moral status as well as an alternative view of important moral issues held to depend on moral status. I argue that the scope of entities that...
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