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My research interests are focused on the intersection of normative ethics, moral psychology and political philosophy. My current research is about the nature and psychological status of the virtues and the role of character in explanations of behavior in organizations. I am also pursuing research that deals with collective agency and the moral responsibility of groups. Within this field, my topics of research include human rights obligations, corporate campaign contributions, transnational corruption, and corporate and civilian responsibilities in wartime.

Recent Publications
The Possibility of Virtue
Business Ethics Quarterly, Volumen 22, No. 2, pp. 377-404 To have a virtue is to possess a certain kind of trait of character that is appropriate in pursuing the moral good at which the virtue aims. Human beings are assumed to be capable of attaining those traits. Yet, a number of scholars are skeptical about...
Character and Environment: The Status of Virtues in Organizations
Journal of Business Ethics Using evidence from experimental psychology, some social psychologists, moral philosophers and organizational scholars claim that character traits do not exist and, hence, that the moral psychology that underlies virtue ethics is empirically inadequate...
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