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David earned his Ph.D. from the Claremont School of Theology in the area of theology and personality. His dissertation, under the guidance of John B. Cobb Jr., was a detailed integration of Whitehead’s process metaphysics (perception and concrescence) and the theory of Gestalt Therapy (the self modes and gestalt formation). He has been a full-time practicing psychotherapist for more than 30 years and has led numerous workshops for professionals and the general public using Whitehead’s ideas as a guide to clarify the role of spirituality in facilitating human development.

His undergraduate work was in experimental psychology at Earlham College. He also completed one year of graduate study in experimental psychology at the University of Arizona before switching to theological studies.

Recent Publications
The Correlation Between Whitehead's Theories of Concrescence and Perception
Perception Reconsidered - the Process Point of View , ed. Franz G. Riffert (Peter Lang Publishing) This article details the relationship between Whitehead's theory of perception and his theory of becoming (concrescence) in his magnum opus, Process and Reality. Whitehead first presented his theory of perception in Symbolism: Its Meaning and Effect;...
Clinical implications of Whitehead's Anthropology
Process Studies (29:1-2) This article correlates selected key concepts in the field of psychotherapy with A. N. Whitehead's process thought. The concepts include psyche and soma, radical novelty and continuity, confluence and boundaries, presentational immediacy and separation...
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