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  • The Altruism in Economics

    By Jeremy Mercer from Ode Magazine "The City of Yonkers, New York, wound up in a distressing predicament early this year. The municipal budget was running a deficit and the economic crisis was sorely aggravating the problem. Layoffs were needed and among the casualties were six firefighters, including...
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  • Empathy in the Context of Philosophy (2010)

    A substantial amount of research has been devoted to the concept of empathy. However, empathy remains controversial, under-theorized, and subject to conflicting and opportunistic uses. Its systematic role in human experience has not been analyzed and interpreted from top to bottom. Keeping in mind the...
    (My publication) Posted by: lagosta
  • Elevation Leads to Altruistic Behavior (2010)

    By Simone Schnall, Jean Roper and Daniel M.T. Fessler Feelings of elevation, elicited by witnessing another person perform a good deed, have been hypothesized to motivate a desire to help others. However, despite growing interest in the determinants of prosocial behavior, there is only limited evidence...
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  • Pride and Gratitude: How Positive Emotions Influence the Prosocial Behaviors of Organizational Leaders (2009)

    Abstract: This study investigated whether two positive morally relevant emotions, pride and gratitude, were associated with the prosocial behaviors exhibited by organizational leaders. Pride and gratitude were measured as dispositional tendencies in leaders across various types of organizations. The...
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  • Sinning Saints and Saintly Sinners: The Paradox of Moral Self-Regulation (2009)

    Abstract: The question of why people are motivated to act altruistically has been an important one for centuries, and across various disciplines. Drawing on previous research on moral regulation, we propose a framework suggesting that moral (or immoral) behavior can result from an internal balancing...
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  • Are women expected to be more generous? (2009)

    Abstract: This paper analyzes if men and women are expected to behave differently regarding altruism . Since the dictator game provides the most suitable design for studying altruism and generosity in the lab setting, we use a modified version to study the beliefs involved in the game. Our results are...
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  • Social Evolution: The Smell of Cheating (2009)

    Abstract: Coercion is a powerful means to enforce altruism and promote social cohesion in animal groups, but it requires the reliable identification of selfish individuals. Experiments in a desert ant provide the first direct proof that a single cuticular hydrocarbon elicits the policing of reproductive...
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  • Explaining Altruism: A Simulation-Based Approach and its Limits (2008)

    by Eckhart Arnold "Employing computer simulations for the study of the evolution of altruism has been popular since Axelrod's book „The Evolution of Cooperation“. But have the myriads of simulation studies that followed in Axelrod's footsteps really increased our knowledge about the evolution...
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