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  • Choosing the Good: An Interactive Museum Experience

    By Luci Scott, AZ Central News Imagine you're riding in a car with a friend who is speeding and the car hits a pedestrian. You're the only witness, and the friend's lawyer asks you to testify that your friend was not at fault. Do you help your friend or tell the truth? This is one of many...
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  • Anthropology as a Moral Science of Possibilities (2005)

    Abstract: In a world of continued and expanding empire, does sociocultural anthropology in itself offer grounds for moral and social criticism? One line in anthropological thought leads to cultural relativism and an awareness that a cloud of alternative possibilites surrounds any moral code. However...
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  • Ethics and the anthropology of modern reason (2004)

    Abstract: In recent years, anthropologists have shown increasing interest in scientific, technical and administrative systems and their political regulation. In what follows, we suggest that a major concern in much of this work is a common interest in how, in relationship to these technical and political...
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  • Sharing by Default? (2004)

    Abstract: The establishment of moral relativism does not exhaust anthropological comparisons of how people strive for a good life. In this article I suggest that comparative research into ethical systems and moralities can be productively complemented by an anthropology of virtue. Experiences from post...
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  • Christian Witness, Moral Anthropology, and the Death Penalty (2003)

    Abstract: In this essay, I consider - in the context of our ongoing debates about capital punishment - the question, "what role ought religious beliefs play in a pluralistic democratic society that often presumes strict boundaries between matters of private faith and political life?" I suggest...
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  • Civic Virtue and Religious Reason: An Islamic Counterpublic (2001)

    Abridged Introduction: Since the rise of modernization theory in the 1960s up through present concerns with globalization, a growing body of anthropological and sociological scholarship has explored the impact of modern media technologies on religious practice. Scholars have frequently approached this...
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  • 19th century Iban and the Locus of Flourishing

    By Daniel Hruschka, Science of Virtues scholar Today with a population of more than half a million, the Iban of Borneo are heirs to 15 generations of intrepid pioneers who spread their way of life throughout the island’s northwest coasts and rivers. Traditionally, the Iban farmed rice and hunted, living...
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