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  • The Moral Problem of Health Disparities (2011)

    By Cynthia M. Jones Health disparities exist along lines of race/ethnicity and socioeconomic class in US society. I argue that we should work to eliminate these health disparities because their existence is a moral wrong that needs to be addressed. Health disparities are morally wrong because they exemplify...
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  • The personal and the political: forgiveness and reconciliation in restorative justice (2009)

    Ari Kohen At the center of this paper are three questions: in the absence of a religious worldview, can one gain access to the concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation, can reconciliation be achieved in the absence of forgiveness or does the former depend in some way upon the latter, and can we make...
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  • Just compassion: implications for the ethics of the scarcity paradigm in clinical healthcare provision (2009)

    Abstract: Primary care givers commonly interpret shortages of time with patients as placing them between a rock and a hard place inrespect of their professional obligations to fairly distribute available healthcare resources (justice) and to offer a quality of attentive care appropriate to patients’...
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  • Radical Virtues: Moral Wisdom and the Ethics of Contemporary Life (2008)

    "What is a good life? What does it mean to be a good person? Richard White answers these questions by considering aspects of moral goodness through the virtues: courage, temperance, justice, compassion, and wisdom. White explores how moral virtues affect and support social movements such as pacifism...
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  • Compassion as a Political Virtue (2002)

    Abstract: The place of compassion in political thought and practice is debatable. This debate can be clarified by stipulating 'compassion' as referring to the practice of acting on the feeling of 'pity'; in addition, compassion might best be understood politically speaking as properly...
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  • The virtues in medical practice (1993)

    In recent years, virtue theories have enjoyed a renaissance of interest among general and medical ethicists. This book offers a virtue-based ethic for medicine, the health professions, and health care. Beginning with a historical account of the concept of virtue, the authors construct a theory of the...
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