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  • Forgiveness triumphs over evil

    by Geoff Pursinger from The Tigard Times "Holocaust survivor Alter Wiener stood before a group of more than 2,000 students at Tigard High School, Jan. 11, delivering a message of tolerance and forgiveness at the school’s annual Human Rights Assembly. Wiener, 83, spoke about his early life growing...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • But Enough About Me

    by Daniel Mendelsohn for The New Yorker "Unseemly self-exposures, unpalatable betrayals, unavoidable mendacity, a soupçon of meretriciousness: memoir, for much of its modern history, has been the black sheep of the literary family. Like a drunken guest at a wedding, it is constantly mortifying its...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Powerhouses

    From The Economist "What do the following have in common: the bar code, congestion charging, the cervical Pap smear and the internet? All emerged from work done at America’s pre-eminent research universities. The central contention of Jonathan Cole’s book is that these mighty institutions are “creative...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • [Interview] The Eternal Moment

    Interview by Nathan Gardels for New Perspectives Quarterly Czeslaw Milosz, the great Polish poet and essayist who died in 2004, was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1980. Just after the publication of A Book of Luminous Things: An International Anthology of Poetry and his memoir, Road-side Dog...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Can Video Games Save the World?

    By Stephen Faris from Time. "There's a scene in the video game 24 , based on the popular television show, in which the player takes on the role of government agent Jack Bauer and tortures a terrorist. To extract a set of codes, Bauer shoots the man in the gut, slams his head on the table, refuses...
     Posted by: cait
  • An Interview with Bonnie Honig

    by Gary Browning for Contemporary Political Theory Bonnie, the editors of Contemporary Political Theory were very enthusiastic to secure an interview with you and to enable readers to find out about your intellectual development and current thinking, so many thanks for agreeing to this interview. Your...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • The Culture of Being Rude

    By Rob Dunn in Smithsonian "Cultures differ in all sorts of ways—their greetings, clothing, expectations about how children should behave, coming-of-age rituals, expressions of sexuality, numbers of husbands or wives, beliefs in god, gods, or lack thereof. People celebrate but also wage wars about...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Do parents' white lies hurt children?

    by Mike Barrowcliffe in Times Online "Professor Gail Heyman, of the University of California, questioned 130 students and their parents about parental lying. She was surprised to find that more than 80 per cent of parents lied at some point, even those who insisted to their children that it was...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • How Will Religion Evolve?

    by John Tierney in The New York Times "Does religion have a future? Who looks more like an evolutionary dead end: the religious American or the agnostic European? Or will both give way to some sort of compromise — people bound by new institutions that provide the social benefits of religion without...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Interview with Umberto Eco: 'We Like Lists Because We Don't Want to Die'

    By Susanne Beyer and Lothar Gorris in Spiegel Online " SPIEGEL: Still, you are famous for being able to explain your passions … Eco: … but not by talking about myself. Look, ever since the days of Aristotle, we have been trying to define things based on their essence. The definition of man? An animal...
     Posted by: nick stock
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