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  • The Possibility of Virtue (2012)

    To have a virtue is to possess a certain kind of trait of character that is appropriate in pursuing the moral good at which the virtue aims. Human beings are assumed to be capable of attaining those traits. Yet, a number of scholars are skeptical about the very existence of such character traits. They...
    (My publication) Posted by: malzola
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics: An Aristotelian Perspective (2008)

    "Corporate Governance and Ethics is an illuminating and practical reading of Aristotle's Politics for today's corporate directors. With a deft synthesis of ethics, economics and politics, Alejo Sison elevates the discussion of corporate governance out of the realm of abstract rules and structures...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: wattawa
  • The Market for Virtue (2005)

    The principles and practices of corporate social responsibility (CSR) date back more than a century, but the current wave of interest in this topic is unprecedented. This heightened attention is global and is evidenced on every conceivable measure. It is reflected in the growth of social and ethical...
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  • Virtue Is Good Business: Confucianism as a Practical Business Ethics (2002)

    Abstract: This paper argues Confucianism is a compelling managerial ethic for several reasons: 1) Confucianism is compatible with accepted managerial practices. 2) It requires individuals and organizations to make a positive contribution to society. 3) Recognizes hierarchy as an important organizational...
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  • Virtue Theory as a Dynamic Theory of Business (2000)

    Abstract: This paper develops a meta-theory of business based on virtue theory which links the concept of virtues, the common good, and the dynamic economy into a unifying and comprehensive theory of business. Traditional theories and models of business have outlived their usefulness as they are unable...
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