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  • Five Best: Novel Approaches to Kindness

    By Linda Grant, Wall Street Journal An excerpt: Life and Fate , by Vassily Grossman (1959) An old Russian woman, seeing a captured German soldier, raises a brick to throw at him, but at the last moment she instead hands him a piece of bread. The woman has no idea why she does this and in the years to...
     Posted by: agomberg
  • Reading British literature encourages virtue

    A recent article in Penn State University's Daily Collegian discusses a study that suggests a correlation between literature and ethics. "Reading classic literature can help one make more ethical decisions, according to a recent study conducted by a Penn State professor and three evolutionary...
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  • Tom Wolfe, Walker Percy, and Being Stuck with Virtue (2012)

    By P. Lawler and M. Guerra We are pleased to introduce this symposium on the moral, political, scientific, philosophical, and even theological dimensions of the thought of two contemporary American novelists and essayists: Walker Percy and Tom Wolfe. Astute and penetrating observers of modern America...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: agomberg
  • Tradition and Truth: The Ethics of Lawmaking in Tannaitic Literature (2010)

    By Tzvi Novick This article examines aspects of "scholastic" ethics in tannaitic literature, in particular, the notion that one who is engaged in legal discussion should readily admit ignorance, and should concede to the truth. While centering on mAvot 5.7, the article traces developments in...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: cait
  • For the Common Good: Principles of American Academic Freedom (2009)

    By Robert C. Post & Matthew W. Finkin Review By: Jessica Kaplan "It all started a few thousand years back with a naked couple and an apple. Since then, scholars have been toiling with what knowledge is acceptable to consume and share. In their new book, For the Common Good, Matthew W. Finkin...
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