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  • A Crack in the Stoic’s Armor

    By Nancy Sherman from The New York Times "The Stoic doctrine is essentially about reducing vulnerability. And it starts off where Aristotle leaves off. Aristotle insists that happiness depends to some degree on chance and prosperity. Though the primary component of happiness is virtue — and that...
     Posted by: cait
  • Is Materialism a Turnoff?

    from Futurity "People who pursue happiness through material possessions are liked less by their peers than people who pursue happiness through life experiences. “The mistake we can sometimes make is believing that pursuing material possessions will gain us status and admiration while also improving...
     Posted by: wattawa
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  • Rights, Happiness and God: A Response to Justice: Rights and Wrongs (2010)

    By Roger Crisp This paper is a discussion of some themes from Justice: Rights and Wrongs , by Nicholas Wolterstorff. The paper begins with a discussion of Wolterstorff’s distinction between justice as inherent rights and justice as inherent worth. It is suggested that what especially distinguishes Wolterstorff...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: cait
  • Virtue Ethics: An Introduction (2002)

    In this fresh evaluation of Western ethics, noted philosopher Richard Taylor argues that philosophy must return to the classical notion of virtue as the basis of ethics. To ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, ethics was chiefly the study of how individuals attain personal excellence, or "virtue...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: admin
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