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  • The Possibility of Virtue (2012)

    To have a virtue is to possess a certain kind of trait of character that is appropriate in pursuing the moral good at which the virtue aims. Human beings are assumed to be capable of attaining those traits. Yet, a number of scholars are skeptical about the very existence of such character traits. They...
    (My publication) Posted by: malzola
  • Should Human Beings Have Sex? Sexual Dimorphism and Human Enhancement (2010)

    By Robert Sparrow "Since the first sex reassignment operations were performed, individual sex has come to be, to some extent at least, a technological artifact. The existence of sperm sorting technology, and of prenatal determination of fetal sex via ultrasound along with the option of termination...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: ajstasic
  • Virtue Ethics and the Search for an Account of Right Action (2010)

    By Frans Svensson "Conceived of as a contender to other theories in substantive ethics, virtue ethics is often associated with, in essence, the following account or criterion of right action: VR: An action A is right for S in circumstances C if and only if a fully virtuous agent would characteristically...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: ajstasic
  • Procrastination, Deadlines, and Performance: Self-Control by Precommitment (2009)

    Experimental evidence of sophisticates' (as opposed to naifs') insight into, and use of, precommitment strategies (i.e., self-imposed costly deadlines) to address their own procrastination self-control problems. Also shows performance benefits from self-inducing costly deadlines.
    (My publication) Posted by: wertenbroch
  • Consumption Self-Control by Rationing Purchase Quantities of Virtue and Vice (2009)

    First empirical demonstration (using experimental, field, and market-level data) in the self-control literature of how consumers apply precommitment strategies to control their consumption of vice and virtue goods.
    (My publication) Posted by: wertenbroch
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