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  • Essay Contest Asks Scholars to Examine Virtue, Freedom, and Civil Society

    The Sir John M. Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest, an international competition open to college students and untenured college teachers under 36 years old, is asking this year's contestants to examine the relationship between freedom, virtue, and civil society. Cash prizes will be awarded for outstanding...
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  • Levels Of Moralisation: A New Conception Of Moral Sensitivity (2010)

    By Benjamin J. Lovett and Alexander H. Jordan Moral sensitivity has generally been interpreted in a normative sense, as the ability to notice moral features present in a situation. This paper outlines an alternative, descriptive conception of moral sensitivity: the levels of moralisation model. This...
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  • The Art of Doing Good: Charity in Late Ming China (review) (2010)

    By Helen Dunstan The importance of private philanthropy in premodern China has long been recognized by historians, but for monographs on the subject one has had to turn to works in East Asian languages. Joanna Handlin Smith's The Art of Doing Good will not satisfy readers who require a chronological...
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  • Anthropology as a Moral Science of Possibilities (2005)

    Abstract: In a world of continued and expanding empire, does sociocultural anthropology in itself offer grounds for moral and social criticism? One line in anthropological thought leads to cultural relativism and an awareness that a cloud of alternative possibilites surrounds any moral code. However...
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