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  • Wisdom Versus a High Speed Connection

    Stephen Mason blogs on wisdom for Psychology Today . "Perhaps there are some isolated cultures where the lessons learned during the lifetime of an elder are still held in high regard. Let's consult the wise one. Mostly, these would be groups where not much changes from one generation to the...
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  • State Neutrality and the Ethics of Human Enhancement Technologies (2010)

    By John Basl Robust technological enhancement of core cognitive capacities is now a realistic possibility. From the perspective of neutralism, the view that justifications for public policy should be neutral between reasonable conceptions of the good, only members of a subset of the ethical concerns...
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  • The End of Ethics in a Technological Society (2008)

    "Lawrence Schmidt and Scott Marratto challenge modern liberal ethics, arguing that there is no consistent ethical framework to deal with the long-range negative consequences of certain technological developments They examine established ethical approaches to such urgent contemporary concerns as...
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  • Ethics and the anthropology of modern reason (2004)

    Abstract: In recent years, anthropologists have shown increasing interest in scientific, technical and administrative systems and their political regulation. In what follows, we suggest that a major concern in much of this work is a common interest in how, in relationship to these technical and political...
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