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  • Character and Environment: The Status of Virtues in Organizations (2008)

    Using evidence from experimental psychology, some social psychologists, moral philosophers and organizational scholars claim that character traits do not exist and, hence, that the moral psychology that underlies virtue ethics is empirically inadequate. Hence, the virtue ethics tradition should dispose...
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  • Ideology and intuition in moral education (2008)

    Abstract: We propose that social psychological findings on the intuitive bases of moral judgment have broad implications for moral education. The “five foundations theory of intuitive ethics” is applied to explain a longstanding rift in moral education as an ideological disagreement about which moral...
    (My publication) Posted by: jgraha25
  • Well-Being and Virtue (2007)

    Volume 2, Number 2. by Dan Haybron "Perfectionist views of well-being maintain that well-being ultimately consists, at least partly, in excellence or virtue. This paper argues that such views are untenable, focusing on Aristotelian perfectionism. The argument appeals, first, to intuitive counterexamples...
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  • Sexual Selection for Moral Virtues (2007)

    Abstract: Moral evolution theories have emphasized kinship, reciprocity, group selection, and equilibrium selection. Yet, moral virtues are also sexually attractive. Darwin suggested that sexual attractiveness may explain many aspects of human morality. This paper updates his argument by integrating...
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  • Virtue Ethics: An Introduction (2002)

    In this fresh evaluation of Western ethics, noted philosopher Richard Taylor argues that philosophy must return to the classical notion of virtue as the basis of ethics. To ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, ethics was chiefly the study of how individuals attain personal excellence, or "virtue...
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  • The Value of Human Differences: South Asian Buddhist Contributions Toward an Embodied Virtue Theory (2002)

    Abstract: What are virtues? Are these best described as cognitive and affective aspects of a person's psyche, or can virtues also be described as features, postures, and movements of a person's body? This paper explores the relationship between virtues and bodies in South Asian Buddhist traditions...
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  • Teaching Virtue: The Contrasting Arguments (Dissoi Logoi) of Antiquity (1996)

    Abstract: Explores the question of teaching virtue, which has been discussed for at least 2,500 years. The anonymous "Dissoi Logoi" of ancient Greece contained a series of arguments on both sides of the question, and the author concluded that virtue could be taught. Lessons are drawn for contemporary...
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  • The virtues in medical practice (1993)

    In recent years, virtue theories have enjoyed a renaissance of interest among general and medical ethicists. This book offers a virtue-based ethic for medicine, the health professions, and health care. Beginning with a historical account of the concept of virtue, the authors construct a theory of the...
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