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  • When Citizens Deliberate

    By James S. Fishkin, Stanford University What are the virtues of democratic citizenship when voters are bombarded by WMD—by which I mean “weapons of mass distraction”—stinging sound bites and campaign ads from the persuasion industry funded by a campaign finance system that seems to be broken? Our political...
     Posted by: agomberg
  • The Virtue of Mercy in Politics

    By Alex Tuckness and John Parrish Science of Virtues Mercy is highly regarded in theory, but often controversial in practice. The recent furor over Haley Barbour’s should have come as a shock to no one. American Presidents do not characteristically issue pardons and commutations right before they run...
     Posted by: agomberg
  • What Does it Mean to Forgive? Part 2

    By Jesse Couenhoven, Science of Virtues scholar My response to the problem just mentioned—that there are many, sometimes fragmentary, conceptions of forgiveness now competing for prominence—is to steal a page from Alasdair MacIntyre’s After Virtue . My goal is to develop a rich conception of forgiveness...
     Posted by: agomberg
  • The Virtue of Hope

    By Nancy Snow, Science of Virtues scholar Landscapes of Hope: The ‘What,’ ‘Why,’ and ‘How’ of Hope Hope is a virtue studied by surprisingly many disciplines. My research reviews disciplinary literature on hope, with the aims of describing an integrated conception of hope that spans these literatures...
     Posted by: agomberg
  • 19th century Iban and the Locus of Flourishing

    By Daniel Hruschka, Science of Virtues scholar Today with a population of more than half a million, the Iban of Borneo are heirs to 15 generations of intrepid pioneers who spread their way of life throughout the island’s northwest coasts and rivers. Traditionally, the Iban farmed rice and hunted, living...
     Posted by: agomberg
  • Virtue: A Normative Concept

    By Gilbert Meilaender, Science of Virtues Scholar Valparaiso University In order to think about the possibility of a science of virtues, we must, of course, reflect on what we mean by virtue. In the simplest sense virtues are dispositions to act in certain morally good ways. Thus, a courageous person...
     Posted by: agomberg
  • On Exercising Temperance

    By Alesha Seroczynski, Science of Virtues scholar This last month I was invited to read to three fourth grade classes at an elementary school in our area. Like most schools in our district, over 60% of the students at Nuner Elementary participate in their free or reduced-lunch program—a pretty good indicator...
     Posted by: agomberg
  • On Juvenile Justice

    by Alesha Seroczynski , Institute for Educational Initiatives, University of Notre Dame Read more about Seroczynski's virtues project. I recently read some disturbing statistics from studies conducted on juvenile death row inmates before the Supreme Court abolished the death penalty for juvenile...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • Why a "science of virtues?"

    The Science of Virtues Request for Proposals grew out of a consultation in May 2007 sponsored by the Templeton Foundation called “A New Science of Virtue.” Organized and chaired by Jean Bethke Elshtain of the University of Chicago, the consultation brought together an interdisciplinary group of the world...
     Posted by: admin
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